mandy charlton, photographer, writer blogger

Hello There!

So, if you've arrived at this page it's probably because you're curious to find out a little more about me so here are ten handy facts for your perusal.

  1. I recently got quoted in the New York Times
  2. I love shoes, especially Irregular Choice 
  3. I have a beagle called Holly Bobbins and 2 cats called Pyracantha and Poppy
  4. One of my images was recently seen by millions of people all around the world, you might even have seen it.
  5. I have 3 children, Iain is 19, Abigail is 14 and Looby is 12
  6. As well as being a photographer, I'm also a writer and blogger
  7. My favourite thing in the whole world is cake, I offset the calories by running!
  8. I truly believe you can never have a bad day if you take your dog to work
  9. I am mostly allergic to alcohol but Prosecco and Champagne are fine.
  10. I love musicals, Moulin Rouge, Wicked and The Sound of Music are my favourites

So now I hope you know just a little more about me but if you'd like a whole decade of history you can always visit my blog